Need help with customer contact

I have found a house that is to go to auction the end of feb. This Is going to be my first. I was wanting to sent them a letter but I don’t know what to say do any of ya’ll have a sample letter? I live in Tennessee. Also when I contact these people what kind of paper work should I have on hand? How do you guy’s approch the owners? I am jumping in instead of setting back and waiting. I have been reading and reading and I think I am ready. How ever just a little scared. I need step by step and do’s and don’t while talking to home owners. Thanks to every one for the help.

Just jump in and do it.
Create or locate a simple Authorization to release information doc.

Dress conservatively, jeans and a nice shirt should be ok. Hands should be in front, maybe holding a notebook to take notes. Knock on the door. If you are nervous, take a friend and have them stay in the car. Introduce yourself and tell them that you understand that their house will be going to auction and how can you be of help to them. Listen to their response. They may say, we’ve already taken care of it. You say something along the lines, ‘Great, how did you take care of it’. Listen again, then you can inform them that eveidently the court didnt get their payment and as of today, they have a court date next week.

If they decide to work with you. You need to get the authorization to release info signed by them to talk to the bank. Get recent letters from the bank telling them how much they currently owe. Fax the authorization to the bank asap. Call them a few hours later to keep checking till you get into the system. (it took me about a week to do it, they forgot to tell me that I needed to send it to a certain dept.) IF there is a phone #, call that phone #, if you get a hold of somebody after the authorization puts you in the system. Convince the loss mit to postpone the sale because you are interested in doing a ss on the property. If they are not interested, then you have no deal.

hopefully that gets you started.