Need help with contracts

Hi im pretty new at wholesaling and wish to understand the assignment agreement a little better.

Say I have a house under contract and wish to assign this to an investor. What information needs to be included in the assignment agreement? Do I need to go to closing or am i done with deal once the contract is signed?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank You

If you are doing a straight assignment with your end buyer you should get a portion of your money upon signing of the assignment agreement (non-refundable) with the balance due to you at the time of closing.

This method allows you purchaser to see what your are making. If you feel that this may be a problem or if you have a big profit you should probably use a simultaneous close. You can likely get a hard money lender to fund the front end but you run the risk of having your end buyer flake out on you.

If you have a really good profit this method is probably worth the risk.