need help with communicatiion problems.

The seller i talked to seem to know what Lease Option is, but English is her second language and i dont think she will understand when i tell her about me(the investor) wanting do lease option to someone else . And i dont think she may understand everything in the contract that i will need to tell her. What do i do? Drop the deal or try to communicate and have them understand what i intend to do??
Im thinking i should drop it and move on. I dont want to get in trouble having her think im doing something im not .

contact a bi lingual attorney and have them speak to her so you can know what you mean. if the deal is worth it then you should not have a problem paying $150, or if you know what you are doing then pay nothing. attorneys will work with you for free if you have clear picture and process.

You are describing a sandwich lease as you mentioned in your other post. You may point out that you are responcible for payments if you have an end buyer or not. Herbster


Don’t know where your located, and you don’t say the language she speaks but in my area there are translation services and associations for most languages and I use them and record the entire negotiation.

Many times the prospect had a better command of English then mine, but played the no speakee English very good game. I had a broker friend who I used that grew up in China and spoke 5 dialects when I dealt with Chinese prospects. It was very useful when they had private conversations thinking their remarks were private and we were clueless.