Need help with Coin Operated Dryer

So someone jammed my coin slide on my dryer.

It’s a GE Commercial. Anyway, can’t figure out a way to get the slide mechanism out.

I can get inside the “box” that houses the switch, coin box, etc, but only from the side.

From this angle, I cannot access the screws that hold the coin slide in.

My next step is trying to figure out a way to actually remove the entire box.

The screws appear to be on the inside pulling down. How do I get in there?

Well… since no one replied I decided to go into a local laundromat.

The guy was nice enough to open up one of his coin op’s and show me how to remove the slide.

Once I got the slide out of the machine, I was able to take it apart and fix it.

For anyone else in this predicament…

the slide is removed by opening up the “box” and removing the long threaded rod that is at the top. On my unit, I couldn’t even see this rod… had to do it all by feel.

On some machines (like the one at the laundromat), you access the box from the top, so once you open it up, the long rod is easily visible. On my unit, the side of the box opens, so you can’t see the rod.

Hope this helps someone.

Which model and year is this GE commercial dryer?

Perhaps we should log this in a database with the 100,000 other unique models so on the off chance someone comes across an identical one with an identical problem, they’ll know how to fix it!

In my research, it appeared that most of the coin slides were of similar designs… regardless of the appliance manufacturer.

Is this not true?

<NOTE: this is the space that I was going to launch a personal attack on DannyTheGreat for being a sarcastic #$%^, but instead decided that this forum should continue to be a positive environment>


Dumb questions warrant dumb answers, what’d you expect? Why do you think no one responded?

Good luck on your ‘personal’ attack to a forum screenname, I promise I won’t get too offended… :rolleyes

If all coin slides are truly different, then stating that would have been helpful and I would have determined the exact model, etc.

But it’s all good…

Plus you responded to yourself in just one day. lol

Yeah… I was a bit under the gun.

The dryer was making some rough noises anyway, so I was originally going to just replace it.

Apparently, used electric coin ops are hard to come by, because I struck out with every idea.

With new ones going for over $500, I decided I should try and fix the coin slide… at least temporarily so I could continue my search for a replacement without the pressure of having no dryer.

Anyway, the problem is solved and I’ve moved on… to more and different issues.

The latest one today was a furnace not working. See other recent post.