Need Help with Bulk REO

Does anyone have experience buying Bulk REO? I’m looking to make some contacts with someone who can point me in a positive direction on contacting sellers. I’ve contacted a few individuals that have some exposure to product and I’ve actually viewed a few tapes. The problem is most of the properties are not in my area. I have access to a few investors that have the capital to purchase consistently which makes me very eager to find them some deals. I have the opportunity I’ve been looking for and I’m getting a little discouraged and wondering if I’ve missed the boat on bulk REO or am I just looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Any input or help is much appreciated thank you in advance.

Did anyone help you out yet?


No, I have not received any help in this forum regarding BULK REO

Can you help?

Bulk REO’s do exist in the institutional marketplace, but my experience is that for investors on our level, they are like lost treasure.

You have heard of them and are sure they are there but you can spend all your time searching and never find them…

On another forum I post to there is a running joke thread about the claims and excuses you hear regarding Bulk REO’s. People post that they want them or have access to them but it all turns out to be wishful thinking. People who have real access to them are not posting here.

Somehow it seems that if you are already “inside” that part of the business you can deal in them, but if you are not, you won’t ever touch them. One of those mysteries.

Good Luck

Bulk REO is good to get and but some time it is not that effective. Worth knowing this and investing can be done but there are some things that can be avoided before making an investment.