Need Help With Brokerage name

So im getting ready to take the Illinois brokers test and open my own brokerage in the next few months. Im having trouble trying to think of a name thats both decent sounding, informative, and not cheesy.

Here are a few things that i will be focusing on. I am an investor and will be focusing on discount investment properties. I also will have flat fee listings for the mls. My last name is Jenkins, but i dont know if i want to incorperate it into the name.

Any suggestions would be great.

Jenkins Real Estate Services
(Insert Your City Name)Real Estate Services

The only names I can think of right now.

Investor Discount Realty

Bilar Discount Realty

Personally I wouldn’t use any word that implies a lower cost… You will have a backlash from the power brokers… As for a name here are some choices to consider… Before you pick a name always take three things into consideration.

  • Is the name available to incorporate
  • Is the web address available
  • Is it associated with a negative meaning

You may also want to create a tag to build a TOM use the governments website for help

Investors Realty - The company investors turn to
REI Realty - Catering to the Investment Community
Investor Assistants Realty - Fee for Service Realtors
Income Property Real Estate
Solid Investment Real Estate
Foreclosure Realty of CITY
Investor Mentoring Real Estate Company

Good Luck

first you should know the names that were taken, or else you might be sued for trademark issues…

sorry I can’t think of a good name right now… darn it, out of ideas~