Need Help w/ Sub2 Insurance

I have done 5 or 6 sub2 deals in last few months, but haven’t done anything about the insurance accept pay the premium. I’m taking the property sub2 and placing it in a land trust, naming my LLC as benificary. What do I need to do w/the insurance to protect my interest? W/O calling the loan due? Thanks

The chances of the loan being called due are worse odds then winning the lottery…

As for insurance why not buy a policy as the insured and do it normally? If youre flipping buy an insurance policy which covers all of your properties while you own them… It is more expensive per month however less expensive per deal.

I have thought about that, but I’m already paying insurance (included in payment) PITI… I don’t want to pay for 2 policies on a property. That can get expensive when I get several under my belt. On most of them my exit strategy is holding long term… I’ve talked to several insurance agents and all of them say the same thing. " if there were a claim chances are they would deny the claim b/c the home is deeded into my name/land trust but the mortgage is in their name". This issue has been agervating me for some time now :banghead… I’m sure there is a way to do it. Paul w/ is really good I understand, but he just works out of GA. Any help/ideas would be wonderful.