Need help understanding.

I was looking at property on the property appraiser website and in the description it has water retention area. What is a water retention area? Can it be used for anything or is it not worth anything because you cannot do anything with it?


All depends on how big it is and how it is finished! I have seen grassed fields that are water retention areas and I have seen rocks and weeds! it all depends

A water retention area is a man made swamp. It is the low spot of a development where all the rain run off will collect. They can be ok or they can be ugly or they can be hidden. All depends on how the developer built it.

WOW dan732 same answer same time! If we do that you know it is right!

OK I understand that but the next question would be is if it is marked for water retention in the legal description can it be built on and graded higher as well?