Need help understanding a Yellow Letter campaign

I hear a lot of marketing gurus talk about Yellow Letter campaigns. I believe the gist is that you send people “handwritten” letters printed on yellow legal type paper. My question is, where do you get this type of paper? I’d imagine you can’t just rip it out of a legal pad and put it in the printer. I asked if they had it at Staples and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Also what is the concept behind it? Why do owners in theory respond to it better?



Actually you can. Get the legal pads and rip the pages out. Then go to Kinkos, and print it youself. If you ask them, they will say they can’t do it, but just go to a machine and replace the paper with yours.

Keep in mind however, that everyone now a days is sending out the handwritten letters, so it is starting to lose its touch.

i was about to ask the same questions. :smile

erm, where do you get legal pad? i’ll just use yellow papers.

Any stationary supply store will have legal pads. Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, etc. You can even find them in large grocery stores, Walmart, etc. They are everywhere.

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I’ve tried to print on ripped-out legal pad paper and it always jams up the printer. Do they sell tougher yellow paper that looks like legal pad paper?

Did you all get the idea from Ron LeGrand? I went to one of his free seminars and he was talking about this… There is actually a company who will write and mail the letters for you, then he suggested using this other company who will pre-screen all the responding telephone calls then send you all the information via email.

It jammed using my home printer, but worked fine at Kinkos.

If I understand correctly, the idea is to "hand write " the letters on the legal pad…or you can use a special program to print in handwritten font. The idea being that you took the time to hand write and personalize the letter to the home owner…that you are truly interested in helping them etc… Are you able to do this kind of printing at office max etc ?

I dont live in the united states, so I just wondered what legal pad means and why does it have to yellow not white?I dont think somebody does this in my country so it will be interresting to try out.

They are yellow note pads commonly used in the states. It just gives it the unprofessional look, which appeals to sellers who may think it came from an average person not an investor who is trying to take advantage of them.

Legal pads are 8.5"x13" rather than letter sized that are 8.5"x11".

I would think that the opposite would be the case considering that legal pads are used mostly in the legal profession. But if it works, it works…

Hate to raise a dead thread, but I was doing some searching to see how people printed LARGE amounts.

When ripped out legal pads ARE 8.5x 11. Exact same size as regular paper. At least the ones I get at wal mart are.

Yes there are 8.5x14 and there are 8.5x11. Who the hell cares? Seriously, how does the paper length matter that much. If you are worried that much that you dredged this old thread up you aren’t spending nearly enough time doing marketing as you are talking about marketing.

Because one size works and the other doesnt…:stuck_out_tongue:

Take the white master copy you have, cut off the area where it goes beyond.

But it doesn’t matter anyways.

So enuf on paper already… So how does this yellow letter campain work… ?

Can someone give me the quick details… Id like to do something other then bandit signs to get me phone ringing… Now are these sent by mail…? or hand delivered…?

What do these yellow letters say…? or what Did Ron Legrand say they should say…?

Please collaborate this idea / concept with me…