Need help to sell notes

I’m looking to sell 1 or more notes. Anybody have any reputable and reasonable sources?

Selling notes can be easy if you know what to do…you must offer a great yield to motivate a person to invest as well as manage that investment. There are billions of dollars sitting in IRA accounts that investors will write checks much quicker than from their own savings. Learn how to help your investor roll over to a ‘self directed’ IRA which will permit them to buy your notes.

So, if you are offer, let’s say, 18%, as I do…just say to everyone you talk with, ‘How much of your IRA funds are earning under 18%?’ After the answer (which most likely will be 'all of my money is earning under 18%), you are in the middle of a presentation with a potential buyer as well as a resource for numerous referrals.

Just make sure your investors know the risk and what alternatives they have in the event of a default!!! You must bring that up because they will be thinking that early in the discussion.

I’ve been doing this successfully for 20 years and it works just fine.

Hope this helps.

Rob in Atlanta

Hey Rob,
Where do you find these investors? Do they have any websites that are useful?


Check out

It is all about notes. You may be able to post your notes on there.