Need Help To Sell A Cash Cow Junker IN CT

I have a wholesale deal on contract in the ghetto…great buy/hold/rent property that has really good monthly income.

Here’s the deal:

4/2 Single Family
Purchase Price: $45K
Repairs: $20K…ish
ARV: $115K

Currently rents out for $400/per room = $1,600/Month (right in line with local rents)

  • Not a family friendly neighborhood (North Hartford, CT)
  • I live 3.5hrs away or I would consider OPM to buy it for the cash flow

Any strategies for helping to get this sold? I have contacted ALL the We Buy Houses ads on CL and Google and offered a JV, contacted ALL of the local property managers, contacted a bunch of the For Sale ads on CL.

Need some good strategies for getting this CASH COW JUNKER SOLD!

Thanks in advance!


I don't contract for property I can't sell! The only properties I contract for are those properties whose profiles match those wanted by my investor data base.

I don’t buy property in hopes of finding a buyer as if the local market averages xx or xxx days on market and realtor can’t sell an average home with MLS access, then how can I sell a home that quickly.

Start building an investor data base and push out an email a day or two before you contract a property with a general description and see if anyone in your data base is looking for a fixer in Your City USA

Good luck,