need help structuring a deal

I have an agent the sends me properties that could be great deals for investors. My credit is a little shakey plus due to some onforeseen events, I’m short of funds. I have partners willing to start investing that have good credit, but are unsure of what direction to take. I would like to partner with them and purchase some fixer upper typer properties but am unsure of how to structure the deals. I have an LLC and would like to either rehab these properties and split the profits or wholesale them to other investors and split the profits. How should I go about setting up the deal?


well you would need to first give us some numbers of some of the properties that you see as “deals” …as a rule of thumb under 140,000 u take your lowest comp *.7- repairs- profit and you got your self your top offer or a “deal” over a 140,000 take 40,000 - repairs- profit and thats the top offer