Need help starting on Sandwich Lease Option/Purchase Lease Option

I my name is Jeremy im 19 years old, read lots of Robert Kiyosakis books and i just got done with his 3 day Training Program. One thing that caught my attention was the Sandwich lease option which i learned that it can be down with low to no money down. Yes i just also got done with the free ebook by Peter Conti on this subject and i think it is just a great book. But my question is, Is it that simple to make a 20k+, im about to go on summer break i have down research on this subject and i wanted to do my frist deal in atleast the next 2 months. CAN i PLEASE get Every Advice that you can Possibly give me on how to start my frist deal. what power team will i need? attorney, broker? im real exicted about this. advice please

I don’t recomend a sandwich lease option for your first deal. But if you must I suggest you take a course by Michael Carbonare, Jeff Beaubain, or Wendy Patten or again Bill Bronchick. They are at a fraction of the cost for Roberts. Herbster

y not? no money down, low risk seems good to start with doesnt it? if not what is your recommondation.

I did give you a recommendation. Here’s another, use the search feature at the top of the page and search Sandwich Lease, or sandwich Lease Option. You can learn tons right here for free.
Why are you assuming no money down and low risk? I don’t see it that way. Some on this forum won’t have anything to do with SLO’s. Did you know that if you don’t find a T/B then you are responcible for the payments. If you do enter one I suggest you do it for 3 years. Then place in your T/B for 1 year. Done this way if the first T/B backs out you still have time to find another. You really should research these more.
Good Luck, Herbster

o yea researching is key. when it comes to not finding a T/B in time then i write on the sellers contract “subject to finding a T/B in 30 bus days”. but yea ive read tons on this subject. thanks for the advice. if u got any more let me no