Okay quickly, sceranio under cobtract to purchase 3 properties (dirt cheap) trying to double close to pay down payment (selling one to investor). Had an offer, fell thru due to low appraisal. Now, investor outside man (meaning out of state), interesetd wants to buy. Leterally called in at last minute to pick up the peices. Problem, no contract signed between me and outside man, expecting to settle tomorrow. Options, lose it! Nope. Request from owner an extension - maybe even possibly. Where can I get quick cash for down payment? HURRY!!! HELP HELP HELP!!!

Despite your post being very hard to read and follow, I would say, yes, get an extension. I don’t follow what down payment you are referencing. Anyways, if outside man wants to buy, draw up a contract with him and have him wire funds and close tomorrow. Not too sure what else to say because post needs more clarity and info.

Good luck.

Sorry, post wasn’t clear. Basically, what has occurred is that I entered a contract for 3 properties, at settlement I am required to pay a down payment toward final purchase price. (owner taking back some of it). I am trying to sell one of the properties to double close on the transaction. This is in order to give the owner the down payment. Now deal fel thru twice. There is this investor (outside of my state) interested. I will sell him one of the properties then use funds to pay owner. Problem is this was last minute literally! Problem with getting contract over fax, therfore wants to wait til settlement. I am not trylly comfortable with that, so what are my options at this point besides losing deal? I though an extension would be the best bet myself. Thanks for your imput.

Yes, get an extension. If your investor is serious, have him wire the funds to the title company to hold, just to show you he is serious and to show your seller. That would probably help you seal getting the extension if your seller is on the fence. They work out the logistics to get him a contract. Unless the title company is starving for business, it would be hard for me to convince any title company to get ready to close without a signed purchase contract so I think you have to get a signed contract with at least a few days notice for the title company to process the transaction.

Okay. Sounds good. Now what if title co stated we can sign contract at settlement? Then should I still get extension and suggest to have investor wire funds to company? Or go thru with settlement and pray it works?