Need Help Please

Hello everyone I am brand new at all this and I am really having trouble getting started and I want this as a career more than anything, I am just really frustrated at the moment because I am finding great deals out here were I am, just having trouble with how to find between five to ten motivated investors to flip the contracts to.

I really havn’t moved on anything yet because I want to have investors lined up before I even get the contracts so the process will move faster.

What would be the best way to get the knocking my door down, should I put ad in local paper or what else can be done!

Thanks for any input on this matter look forward to getting some advise.

Have you been to your local REIA meeting to meet the successful investors in your area?


No I will google REIA meetings from my area here in Maryland and see what I can find, thanks for the input Mike I really appreciate it.

This website is great. We have already done it.