Need help, please!!!

I am new to this forum and wish I found it earlier.

I have an offer on a multifamily house, which I am planning to convert into condos. Had an inspection done yesterday and discovered that the long basement/foundation wall of the house is bowed at about 5-8 degrees. The house is over 100 years old and the inspector said that in that time the foundation wall bowed out by about 2 inches.

Question: how serious is this in you experience and also what costs am I looking at to fix it?

Anyone’s opinion is greatly appreciated. THanks in advance.


go spend the money to get a structural engineer or foundation expert to look at it.

I agree with aak. I had a bid in on a house once that I knew had a bowed foundation, but the detailed inspection showed that the foundation issues caused other major problems throughout the rest of the house. I withdrew the bid immediately.