Need help, Please advise Any info appreciated

Newbies here. We are working on a deal and need some advice on what will get the most out of our return. Got a 2 bedroom and 1 bath house with 1032 square feet. It has a small garage but has been turned into a storage room with a house door. Our question is it best to turn it in to a small garage or turn it in to a 3 bedroom house? and what would be best to raise the value of the house? 2 bedroom houses in this area are selling in a good amout of time at around 44 to 50 thousand. So any advice you can give or have will be gretly appreciated. Thanks for your :help

You will probable add value and profits by adding a third bedroom.

You may be required to draw a permit in order to permently change the property profile with the county recorders office and make it a permently legal space. (Check with local contractors or the building department).

However, in order to be a legal bedroom it will require a closet and it will need a HVAC duct (some permanant heat / AC in the room).

Also what is the size of the room, it should be 110 to 120 sq. ft. to be legal excluding the closet.

You will also need a window as a fire exit, it must be a minimum of 6 sq. ft. per side (The sliding area), to allow a normal size adult to crawl out to safety in the event of a fire. (A 3.0 x 4.0 window - Check your local code)

Also you will probable need to install a smoke detector as per local code.

Good luck