Need help on NO MONEY DOWN

I’m very new to REI and not really sure where to start. I am thinkin of renting, but can’t seem to figure out how I would obtain a home without any money. my Credit is bad, i dont have money, i dont have any contacts and i live in ny where houses are expensive. one thing for sure i know the market values pretty well in certain areas. im not really worried of finding good deals but am concerned of the purchasing.
any advise would be very helpful!!!

well, there’s probably not much you can do with bad credit. I may be wrong, but my business partner tried getting hard money lenders to lend him money but they wouldnt do it because of his credit.

There really is a “NO MONEY DOWN” deal, but it works this way. You find a house way under market value. Some of the lenders I’ve seen let you borrow 65% - 75% of the after repair value. Meaning if you can fix the property and buy it within that range, you’ll typically walk away with having to put no money down. In my scenario, I had to pay points and put some cash down because the numbers didnt work right.

May be try to find an add in newspaper like this: “House for sale, owner will finance”

Those ads are usually other RE investors, and wouldn’t be that great of a deal for a new investor.

Yes you could start rehabbing and try to get into the the ARV project 100%, or you could briddog which costs zero and you are not at risk, go to your local REI club and network with the movers and shakers of your area, let them know what you do and how you can make them money. Personaly I like rehabbing the profit margin can be huge.
God Speed