need help on l/o w/ two custom built homes

Hey RE investors……i have a problem that I hope someone can help me with… I have a lady who has two custom built homes that she would like me to l/o for her, one is a 4500 sq ft custom built home two yrs old. This house has been vacant for about 9 months , they built it in hopes of selling for a profit just before the the market got bad and then couldn’t sell ,in the mean time they were in the process of building and then moving into another custom built home 6500 sq ft that they live in now. They are not behind on payments on either home but they are running out of funds trying to save their credit and not go into foreclosure. They have run up over 100k on credit cards in supporting both of these homes. Here’s my problem, how do I market these two custom built homes? Do I do regular marketing to find t/b’s or is their some specialized marketing I can do for these higher end homes? Here’s the payments
1st house owes 558k pyments $2900.00 without taxes (she is willing to pay the taxes)
2nd house owes $675,000.00 payments $5,000.00 no taxes