Need help on finacial situation.

I have a house I purchased with cash and have been renovating this house for 6 weeks. I have about 25k in rehab costs that I would like to recoup but have not found a solution to either refi of selling. Alot of people can nol onger quilify for a loan and if they do they do not have the money to put down. On the refi stance I have been in business for only 3 months and have dedidcated everything to doing real estate among doing carpentry jobs for other people. showing income is hard to do with limited tie frame. so I have tried to do no doc loans and other alternative things to refi.

My question is is there other types of loans or ways to liquidate part of the equity in this house?

Purchase price 28k

Rehab 25k

ARV 65k

Thanks for an response

Signed frustrated

How about your credit score?

Would a No Doc 75% cash out refinance work? That would get you back your purchase + $15,000. Cant do the loan amount any lower than that though.

sorry for not getting back to you more quickly but yes it would work credit score 700 give or take a few

:cool i know of a few people whom may be able to help !!! THESE are people i have worked with for a while things are hard all over but they are hanging in !!!