need help on deal 100% refi.

Seller want to quick claim deed over to me and I refinance houses and give him some cash back. Can I get 100% refi. from a lender to do deal. I talk to some banks and they will only go up to 90%.

:cool yes but it would be like a 80/20 thing all restting on your fico score if you can get the deal done

A similar topic was just discussed. The only difference is that it is a duplex.

The answers remain the same.,27601.0.html

thinks read post. my fic is over 700. Is quick sell the way to go or should I just buy houses at set price, that will give him cash back. Seller just really wants out of the loans with a little cash.

The highest CLTV’s I know of is 100% for Primary Residences and 90% for Investment Properties. Max LTV’s and FICO requirements depend on the occupancy and ability to document income/assets. If your FICO is 700, your ok with that part. If it’s an investment, then the max is 90%. Hope this helps.

Your scores are strong so you may have a deal. I would have to know more to see if 100% is attainable.
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