need help on creating a buyers list

any suggestions out there i have fully rehabbed homes in ga that i own outright and fully rented around 750 to 950 per month loking to sell to next investor for 85k apraised values aprox 110k-130k.any suggestions on were to find cash buyers or new first time investors

Call on signs and we buy house people in the paper.

Or for direct mail:

go to

Search for SOLD homes for the last 6-12 months of Non Owner Occupied.

Or call on Landlords from craigslist. take your flyer and email it through craigslist.

If you want to find new real estate investors go to a real estate club. You can also post on Craigslist with a property that you or someone else has under contract. “Postlets” is also a great tool.

Since you own it outright you should consider owner financing it. This will bring you investors and first time buyers. If you structure it right you will have good protection and cash flow. I believe the foreclosure process in GA is only 21 days so you won’t have to wait long should the worse happen. By offering owner financing you will stand out from all the other competition on the market trying to find the cash buyers.

To protect yourself be sure to put a secured trust deed/mortgage on the property. You could even have a balloon due so that the buyer will have to refinance in xx number of years. This will give them time to resolve any credit issues, and give some time for the credit markets to settle down again.

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go create an account at

They have a list building service that allows you to select a list of landlords in your area (or people who own more than one home), or out of state invstors, or non owner occupied properties.

I forget the exact terminology but you get the idea.

There are list building services out there. In CA some title companies will put out a farm list for you. I did one where I said 1.5 miles in a radius around X address. they printed the mailing labels out for me.

I just put them on my cards and added postage…you can also have them send you an excel spreadsheet too…


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Here’s another idea: I currently use a software program to make posts on, which is a classified site similar to craigslist, except with an added benefit: when using automated software, BackPage posts are not flagged. Therefore, you can use BackPage posting software to attract buyers from all over the country. If you have one property locally then it might just be better to use craigslist.

I found the software from this site: