Need help marketing our lease/option home!

Hi, I am new to this club! We have acquired our first home on a lease/option contract and are looking for a tenant/buyer. Any ideas on how to market this that is not costly? The home is in Naperville, IL

Put up some colorful fliers anywhere you can at the convience stores and grocery stores in and around the neighborhood. We have the “Greensheet” here in Austin that costs less than 20 bucks to place a small ad. I hope you have a sign in the yard and some other directional signs at major streets pointing to house for sale. Write on them XXX down and no credit check or however you want to check out tenant/buyer. You may say EZ qualify etc.

Hope this helps a bit

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Thanks for your help. We are just now ready to market it so no sign yet but there will be by Friday. So far the only ad that seems to bring calls is the Chicago Tribune Online. So at least that is helping. I will do your fliers idea too!!!


I would ask some other investors locally want advertising they have found to be effective. If newspapers is your route consider what type of tenant/buyer you want to attract. For example if you have a home with a FMV of $100k-$125k then consider putting it in the paper that would attract the most readers for that target audience. Sometimes Local papers are best, pennysavers, or back in Baltimore we had a “City Paper”, which was less news and more about the area; events, dining, etc.
Hope less helps a little.

Win-Win Investing to you, Shawn

Thanks Shawn, that does help. So far our online ad for the Chicago trib is the best. I will be going to my first investors club meeting this Sun eve and there are about 600 members. So I hope to start networking with local investors.