Need help marketing a junker in a rural area

Today I picked up a junker in a rural area, and I need some ideas on how to market it. I’ve bought two other houses in the country, but they were close enough to a metropolitan area so they were pretty easy to sell. Plus they were nice house that I sold on owner finance.

One method I’m going to use is bandit signs, handwritten in black sharpie. Any ideas on the message?

I don’t think Craigslist is used much in this area, there isn’t a section for this area of my state.

Any ideas? I plan on selling it for cash, $15K. Getting it for $10K.

Mind if I ask how you got the house? Did you get it sub2?

$10K cash, the guy owns it free and clear. Tried getting it for half now and half later but he wouldn’t do it. He found me from bandit signs…


In rural areas I have found that the best bang for my buck is putting an ad in the local paper. Another thing I do is find the Facebook page for the city or area and post there… But number one is local paper… I do alot of buying in rural areas