Need Help Locating Comps

[b]I hope you all can help me. I need to find comps for property in another state. I am licensed in California, but not in this other state (Texas). Are there any websites/sources to get comps (without having to go through an agent in that state)? Every time I find a website, it always links to a real estate company :o

Thanks in advance for your suggestions![/b]

I am in Dallas/Fort Worth and I get all my CMAs from a realtor. Is it not that easy to do when you are out of state? Just call one up and ask them to email you the comps.

[b][/b]Great, I will give it a try. I didn’t think a Realtor would be so eager to pull comps for me - seeing this is a FSBO I need comps for.

Thanks again.

FSBOs are the life blood of any serious realtor. They actively seek out FSBO so that they can try and get the owner to list the house. So this may be a double edged sword, but usually if you ask for a realtor that works with investors they won’t do this without knowing you are not in on the deal as they want your business once you buy it and need to sell it fast for profit. Then you can have them list the property for you.

One minor detail I forgot to mention is that I am bird-dogging for an investor. I know that means I can really forget about getting a Realtor in that area to pull comps for me. Any other way I can make this work?

Can BE Done: What part of Texas are you looking in?

[b]The property is in Corinth, Texas (Denton County I believe).

Thanks.[/b] might be able to help. Great source in Colorado.
good luck.

I still don’t see why you can’t ask a realtor to get comps for you???

I am here in Dallas so I have Denton Central Appraisal District’s website. That would give ya the tax roll value. I could easily get my realtor to pull comps for me, but then you would have to give me, another investor the address.

SO! Call a realtor and get your comps. :wink: