Ok Guys, Here’ s the deal. My sister is relocating to South Carolina with her husband and four children and wants me to purchase house. It has more land around it than any other in her subdivision. It needs some work. She is already accepting bids. I am trying to find a way to Bird Dog in this situation. They are ready to move pretty soon so I need an investor like yesterday. The equity is pretty substantial so there is some wiggle room to play with. WHAT DO I DO?!?! Any advise would be helpful.

Place an ad in the paper… motivated seller, must sell type ad.

List the details on the house here. Maybe there’s an investor in the area who is interested.

Thanks for the reply. The Property is in Forest Heights, MD. It is in the area where the new harbor is going to be located and is central to W. Wilson Bridge ( Alexandria, VA and 295. In the tax records, it shows as 2 different lots. So one could sell or build on the empty lot or just add to it. It has 2 bedrooms on the main level and one (possibly 2) upstairs, large finished basement, 1 Bath, updated kitchen. There is lot of room for building up or out and it needs the basic updating work with some drywall,roofing,windows, etc… They want a quick settlement and the asking is in the low to mid $200’s. Its kinda hard to do a CMA because no other properties in this subdivision have that amount of land around it but the ARV is probably around $350-$370K. Let me know if there is any other info you need.

Have you tried posting it on