Need help Foreclosure question

I have several properties in the past year. To make the story short, I could not keep up with the payments due to alot of reasons. Anyway, I’m starting to get back on my feet again but the properties are already in foreclosure and my credit ruined. Is it better to file a bankruptcy to at least consolidate these debts?
Any advice on this one?

They changed the bankruptcy law. Now your debt may stay on your record until paid off.
Check with an attorney, some give first consultation for free.
Good luck.

Personally, if the properties have not yet gone to auction, I would look for a SS pro and try to get these sold.

When is the sale date, and how much time do you have? Are there any other judgements or issue in addition to the delinquecy of the properties?
There may be another option, if you have more than 30 days.

8)have you tryed to find buyers for the properties and offer them owner note ??? AS this you could then sell and cash out

I still have enough time before the properties foreclose. So, if there are any other options like refinancing for bad credit just to keep the properties, I’ll do it.
My credit got compromised due to the deliquencies.

i am in the same situation, let me know what you find out and i will share any info i find as well. I don’t want to sell my properties either

If there is adequate equity on the properties you could probably refinance with a sub prime or hard money lender. But if you have little equity AND bad credit you may want to look at selling the properties to stop further credit damage.

What state are you in?

Property is in Wisconsin.