Need help! Foreclosure--Looking for something creative-Investor please?

O.K.-I will try to make a very long and complicated short.

Facts–Appraised value 165K
Purchased in 2003-apprasied at 142
Appraised in 3/04 at 155K

Principal balance 127K
Payoff with fees included 175K (Yes, that’s correct!)

Had investor offer 130K but they will not accept. Says needs something closer to 175K.

I’ve filed Chapter 13 just to stall but will not be able to afford Chpt 13 payments AND regular payments unless can get lender to reduce regular payments for at least 18-24 months.

This situation came about because of a medical illness which took me off of work for 10 months.

Can anyone help with some good solid ideas?
I really want to keep this home and am fighting really hard!

Thank you!


But it sounds like you are going to end up losing that place. Did you ask the bank for a Short Sale pack. That will maybe make the bank go down on it’s price depending on what the appraisal is. They should come somewhere near appraised value is. It depends on where you are at in the process.

Hello Renae,

Where abouts are you?

I’m assuming your in the foreclosure stages, could you telll me how far into you are?