Need help for my new website

Hi everyone - I want to come up with an investor questionnaire for my website. I want to use this to generate a buyers list, so I need questions that would help me determine what type of properties they’ll be looking for.

Can you guys please help me out and come up with some ideas? Thanks! :beer

Take a look at my site.

I’m not an expert in the wholesaling field, but I’d think finding out their min/max purchase money available, min/max house sizes/bedrooms, etc., preferred/satisfactory areas, outside time needed to close, etc. would be the main questions…Of course, you need to know if they’re looking to flip or hold…

I’d also find out in the personal profile how many properties they’ve purchased, how many they still own, etc…

Make up your list, show it to a couple of investors and get their opinion…Include a couple of stupid questions to see if they point them out to you so you can determine if they’re giving you a “that’s fine” without really meaning it or if they’re giving you a true opinion…

You can also join a investors group, and learn what they look for in a property or what properties they like to invest more.

And to help with your reaserch you can visit our site for a large selection of properties and sellers.


try this…

*Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
Best Time To Call:

(If including specific time, please include your time zone.)
*Re-enter E-mail:

Investment Information:

Have you ever invested in
real estate before? Yes No

Please give us a thumbnail sketch of your experience:

Cash available to invest:

Line of credit available to invest:

My capital will come from:

Will you consider
out-of-state deals? Yes No

If you have any additional questions or comments,
you can put them here (optional).