Need help for a newbie

Hello all,
I am following a house in that I am interested in buying and finally the served a foreclosure notice.
It is Household financial corp III. I could not get any good contact information of this mortgage company. Does anyone know about this bank/financial institution? Any experience working with them.
Please suggest…


If the Notice of Default was filed by the lender, Household Financial Corp III, there is no point in contacting the bank at this stage. You need to work directly with the homeowner.

IF your purchase price is equal to or greater than the amount due on the NOD, then get the property under contract and close ASAP before the number changes much (each day the amount will increase). The purchase agreement is between you and the owner - not the bank. The bank payoff occurs at closing.

IF your purchase price is less than the NOD, then the owner needs to approach the lender to see if they are willing to do a short sale.