Need help finding Commercial Developers/Buyers for a High End deal.

What is the best way to go about finding High End Commercial Buyers/Developers?

When I say High End, I’m talking Multi-Million ($18 million+). I have access to a high end commercial deal, but I’ve been having trouble finding commercial developers/buyers for a deal of this nature. The buyers/developers I spoke with are dealing with deals much more on the lower end. This is a really good deal and everyone involved can make money, but I need to get it out there in a manner that those who need to know will be able to step up to the plate. How can I reach out to my ideal buyer in the commercial industry when it comes to high end deals like this.

I normally stick to residential and don’t have too much trouble finding buyers, but I think commercial may be a little more challenging and the tactics I use for residential may not be as effective for commercial.

Any suggestions?

What Type of commercial deal is it?
Mixed use
Shopping Center
Single Tenant?

Most Commercial Investors are specialists. They don’t deal all over the board.

It’s a HUGE lot and it’s zoned. Mixed commercial & residential (townhomes, single family homes, seniors mid rise, seniors splits, apartment buildings, etc.)