Need help fast

Ok I found this abanded house finally found the owners and contacted her. She said she realy didn’t want to sale right now. I told her that the city was fixing to put her house up for sale anyway because of 6 yrs of taxes and 3 liens for for having to mow her yard. No one has lived in it for 6 yrs. Anyway I told her that I would would bring her copies of the paperwork and she said yes she would like that but she couldn’t do it today. She said she would call me when she could meet me she made sure she had my number right 3 different times. I am scard she is going to contact someone else about buying the property. I know there is one guy that has offered to buy it several times. So I need to know what I should take with me like paperwork so if I talk her into selling I can have the right paperwork and if anyone can send me the correct paperwork (Tennessee) and is there any special way or thing I need need to say or do?

Thank You

:banghead it sounds like you are dealling with one dumb person IF she is not selling to you or some one then she is going to lose out big when the city sells it for tax bill heck you may be able to get it cheaper there then she would sell it for ?? :shocked

That is what I am hoping for. Should I use a quick claim when I go?

So what happened?