Need help evaluating hotel lender

I have a furnished rental homes business, half owned, half leased.

Just received a phone solicitation from Main Street Mortgage out of Norcross, Georgia. They then sent a written offer to refinance a 5-unit complex of rental cottages even though they said they were a hotel lender, and we are not exactly a hotel.

The offer was 5.75% for $200,000-$250,000 with various terms 10/30 or 20 years fully amortized. Closing costs not to exceed 1 %.

Sounded like a terrific deal. but I am not familiar with this lender. Does anyone have any input?

I bought the place last year for $175,000 and have put about $100,000 into major renovations so far. Could be nice to get some cash-out financing to finish the job and have a nice fixed rate loan.