need heloc

Here the scenario:

I have a NOO triplex, purchased 6/04 for 129K I owe 115K, its worth about 225K. I like to obtain heloc to net me about 50K.
I also have a mortgage/heloc on another property for 53K/103K property worth about 275K.
I just (6/05) purchased condo for 205k with 80/10 of 165K/20K.

Will I qualify for this heloc of 50k?

Located in Phila, PA

I open to all possibilities.

i also need access to more capital to buy more properties.



Go to your local bank and or credit union. They should have the best rates.

Two banks already denied based on , reasons will follow in letter they say.

Have you considered talking to a mortgage lender instead of banks? What about private money? Have any family members that want to make more than what their bonds are yielding? Maybe a joint venture deal with another investor. I’m just throwing ideas at ya. Think any of these could work?