Need hard money lender for CA properties

I’ve contacted most of the hard money lenders listed on this website, and I’m not even getting call backs. Does anybody know an active hard money lender for California?


Re Queen

What is your current situation ?

Hi, I also went to the section of this website for a HML and haven’t received a call. Also, live in CA and need a HML. Can you recommend one?


I’m currently an active investor in Pittsburgh PA and I’m looking to do at least one flip in CA before the bubble bursts. I own 4 other properties that I rehabbed.

Credit scores 671, 695 and 700 as of 9/1. I’m working with an agent but can’t get the hard money nailed down.

Can you tell me the specifics of what you are using an HML for? I know thats a big question, but I wan’t to learn from your experiences. I have a great HML. His e-mail address is, and his name is Chris.

He’s wonderful…he always responds to my e-mails, gives me advise, and does not have any problem telling me like it is! :slight_smile:

Hi Blondie777,

check above in the post thread, I explained what I want to use the HML for.

tell me about the properties

I am a loan officer in CA and I do a lot of hard money business. Qualifying is based mostly on equity. What are the LTV’s (loan-to-value ratio)?

why do you need a hard money lender? Have you exhausted all other resources?

Good point lendinghand. Your credit isn’t bad. What’s the problem?

Do have a downpayment? if yes how much? What price range? What area? What type property? residential? or commercial or what? So your looking for a fixer correct? a light or heavy fixer? I might be able to help.

Hi guys,

I am buying some lots (1/2 acre to 2 acres) from a devloper and need someone who can lend lot money.

Also meting with a builder who wants to discuss possibility of buying much bigger land like 10 to 25 acres, developing and then selling lots to builders.

ANy lender out there who would be willing to work with me on deals like that?