Need Hard Money Financing

I have a client who is Buying the land and the property i n New Hamshire i.e a runnin Nite club and sports bar. He made an offer of 650K and he is putting down 100K. The building is only 5yrs old waiting for the appraisal approx [400K -450K]. His fico is 575 due to divorce . He has 10 yrs of clubbing experience. The business does about 400K a year and makes profit 50K on the paper. This guy has a repo job just out of him home making 5K a month. He can prove it. The problem is that I need a hard money lender to come in and close this for me. Any suggestions???

Prerak Patel

Hola, Why is he offering 150-200K More than it’s worth…HML’s don’t work that way. Did you write the wrong offer price he made?