Need Guidance about Bird Dogs

Hello all,
I am in need of some guidance on a business issue.

Our business has come to a point where my partner and I cannot keep up with all of the work ourselves. We do a lot of marketing and pride ourselves on keeping in contact with our people. We like to return phone calls and emails, return offers, etc. in a timely fashion.

We don’t like the idea of hiring employees or “virtual assistants”. We are searching for business minded people. So we were thinking of bringing in some bird dogs, but with a twist.

We want to create a training program for bird dogs for our company. We also want to charge ($500-$1,000) for this program. We are specifically looking for business minded people who understand that successful business people get paid for results, and have to make business investments.
Has anyone ever done anything like this before? If so, would you share your experience?


Wow, it never ceases to amaze me about the things I hear from real estate investors and the outright greed associated with the business.

The only reason a person bird dogs in the first place is because these folks have nothing to invest right now!

Now as for you as an investor what do you give to this deal that even remotely is equal consideration for $500 or $1000 dollars?
So your going to create a bird dog education institute and incorporate it as a business? Your going to pay liability insurance and create a ciriculum?

How many thousands of bird dogs do you wish to have?
What is your liability because you charge someone to find a property?

Are you prepared to put in writing your exact parameters of the property you seek?
Are you prepared to guarantee to purchase a property within your parameters even if this is the 1000th this month? (Because these people paid to find you a property!)


I think this is complete BS!!! :banghead :banghead :banghead A birddog is supposted to locate properties for you to purchase and be compensated for their work if you purchase the property or paid a fee per lead they bring in. Your idea as it sounds in your posting is garbage!!! :flush

You could probably find some poor ignorant desperate suckers to pay in exchange for the promise of getting rich. I have a secret hunch that those types aren’t really going to be much good at bird dogging.

If you really want a couple of good bird dogs, try offering a free training course in exchange for them signing a contract that they must bring their deals to you first and give you right of first refusal, for a set time period, say 6 months. That way you aren’t just training them for someone else. If you do that, you must pay them fairly for their work.

I think that if you actually give nuts and bolts training on how to be a successful bird dog, it’s worth $500. But there are too many scammers selling “training”. Smart go-getters, who are what you want working for you, are going to shy away from your school.

If you don’t get paid anything until they succeed, they are going to have more confidence in the training you offer.

You should be training bird dogs for free and paying them for finding properties for you not the other way around :rolleyes

$500-$1000 for bird dog training what a @#$@#$@# joke :rolleyes

If I make training materials, take two days of my life to train some people, bring them into my company and give them half of the proceeds of whatever they bring me, how exactly is that greedy? Not only will I give them half the proceeds, but will also create written documentation to make certain that they get paid.

I simply want to create something a little better than I had. When I started out as a bird dog, I got circumvented more than a few times. This will eliminate that.

Well, in any case, thank you for your input.

If you train your birddogs and then offer them half of the proceeds from any deals you do that would probablly be good but you did not state that in your original posting. And paying them half of the proceeds makes them more of a business partner than a birddog. Why don’t you train then to be fellow investors? Write up a contract better you and them saying when they partner with you on deals that they are split 50/50. You would be like a mentor to them. You would give them real investing knowledge and in return any deals done with you for an X amont of time you keep 50%. I think that would be worth it for a lot of new people.