need funding soon

Here are the basics,
rehab prop
3/1 flat rancher
large lot
good neighbor hood
asking 50k
ROUGH est. 12k repair, to market
comps good @ 100k+

looking for:
70% loan on ARV
fees @ closing
short term 3-6 Mth
no pre-pay penalties

Seller wants answer before the 10th of March

Home Ph
9am to 2pm M-F
weekends are open
Work Ph
4pm to 9pm

Have you tried the hard money lenders listed above for Oregon under the Resources section. Here is the link if that will make it easier.

There may be other HML’s too that you can find at google. Sounds like a good deal

Good luck and thank you,
Ted P. Stokely Jr
11505 Sw Oaks
Austin, Texas 78737
512-301-9171 home
512-587-6177 mobile

What part of Oregon you from?
Bridge Capital works fast.

This a typical Hard Money deal. Start searching for one!!

David Garcia


Hard money, soft money it’s all good depending on your timing and the deal. Help is available if your check around.

Good Luck,