Need Either JV Partner or Straight Equity lender for OH

I am assigning a house to a buyer who is trying to buy a rehab property from me.
They need a straight equity lender with no credit check and doesn’t need any cash to contribute to the project. The return on her money is roughly around 42k. I need someone that will give her 65% of the ARV. Please let me know if anyone knows or has worked with any Hard money lenders that can close quickly within 1 - 2 weeks if not sooner and is strictly equity based. She needs 62k to cover the repairs and purchase of the house.


I have some suggestions

Go to the HML that are advertising on this site

Call many title companies in your local area they know them well because they do the closings for them

Look in your local news paper for money to lend or mortgage brokers that specialise in poor credit loans they would know them also.

Go to your local REI club there is always money lenders there or you could call your REI club organisers they would know who the HML are with Numbers and recommendations.