Need Deed Assistance

My farther and Morther died and my sister and I were the inheritors of the estate. She (my sister) has givien me power of attorney. When the new deed is set up to get it out od my Dad and Mom’s name, how will the GRANTOR section be filled in on the deed?
Any other info on this would be appreciated.

Probate court will handle everything for you. Do you have a probate attorney?

I am in Texas, my dad’s lawyer said it did not have to go thru probate.

I believe that you will sign as executor for the will. The grantor would be “The estate of (your parents names)”. Again though, check with the lawyer. He/she should answer a simple question such as this at no charge.


Is Texas a title company state? If so, ask them your question. Title companies deal with these issues all the time and should have the answers at their fingertips.

You want to be able to insure title, so a title company will know exactly what needs to be done to have an insurable title.

Thanks for all your input