need credit help

im confused about credit cleanup. i here clean your credit up and yor credit goes up .dont pay collections because it opens doors to beware of .what is the best advise some one can tell me about to fix my credit credit scores are 510 515 520 . who is the best out there and dont waste time or money because i want to start investing today? but cannot get loans with thesescores and no partners thanx

Whats your bad credit like. I notice very low scores? Do you have collections and charge off accounts. What kind?? Any repossesions?/ Are they more than 2yrs old from last time you paid the bill or the collection was generated yet??

When people ask this stuff I have learned to ask… Well, are you paying your current debts on time NOW??? If not, got to jail, do not pass go.

So … are you?

In any event, the most fantastic credit repair self help resource I have ever experienced is :

You pay 30.00 one time for their e-book and you get a lifetime membership to their tools articles and info. I found it an amazing tool!

A few years ago I used some of their sample letters and added 30 points to my fico in about 45 days. I also got two derogatory marks off my report that were actually legit.

I even used it to help a friend fix court judgements on his report.

Now of course, my credit is fine.

Quite worth the investment.