Need Copy of SS Cover Letter to Lender

Does anyone have a Short Sale Cover Letter that has been used successfully? And would you make the package look pretty by placing the documents, in order, in a pretty plastic document protector report folder, or just stick them in a large envelope?

Have it bound at Staples. It’s cheap and really looks nice, plus it keeps all the documents together so they can’t say they didn’t get something important!
Then when they call you and you need to refer to something you know what page it’s on and you sound like you are organized and experienced.

As for the cover sheet, just keep it short and sweet and put the loan number on it.

Thanks for the info Windycitychick

Just fax it. It gets there instantly. The lenders don’t care what it looks like. They just care about that bottom line number. As far as the cover letter. Just put the loan number on it. The address of the property. Last 4 of the social and the owners name. let the lender know that the owner has fallen into financial trouble and wants assitance in selling their property and any help would be appreciated.