Need Business LOC

Just wondering if any of you guys have had any luck getting a BLOC for your LLC, if you have had a personal bankruptcy in the past? Ours BAKRTCY is 8 years old. We recently got denide for a 10K starter line from bank of america. Do you have any sugestions on what I might be able to do to get one.

Side point. This is a good reason for you pre-foreclosure prospects not to file bankruptcy, really does ruin your credit for a long time, look at me, still paying for it. Thankfully its almost over.

Thanks in advance on any advice you can give me.


Can anyone give some advice on this one?


have you established credit after the bk? whats your current credit score?

Yes we have established credit. No late pays in over two years on anything, have worked hard to increase and clean up our credit report. My current score is 612 fico from Equifax, but thats only because of the upcoming holidays (credit cards) will be back over 640 soon. I don’t have great credit, but it is improoving. I could get a loan, but would rather have a LOC, something I only use if I need to, and something that I can build upon. My LLC is rather new and I want to establish its credit.

Thanks for your reply, sorry it took so loang to post. Do you know of anyone?

  1. Here is a thought >>> How old is your lcc i am guessing not that old 2years or less ?? Yes it is hard fro it to get any as rodney would say respect at a young age

TRY going to one of the many sites and buy for a few hundred or a few thousand a aged coporation and then you and your coporation // lcc will get some respect

Here is a link to a company that sells aged/shelf corps.