Need Broker that can lend in most states $$

I need a strong Broker that can lend in all 50 states. I am really expanding my business and need to find this important member of our team.

There are many on this board who can. I would interview several and find out who you feel most comfortable with and who has enough experience and knowledge to help advise you correctly. As you said, the person you choose will be an important part of your team, so you want to make sure they are strong but also that you are comfortable with them.


rbaxter is right you need to call different lenders to ensure that you feel comfortable with who you will be doing business with.

I also invest here and there and understand the stress and problems that accompany the process.

Many lenders are out there with several different programs and rates, you just need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Which state(s) do you need something done in?