Need Assistance With First Contract Offer...

I am planning to make an offer this week. I am looking for any advice that may be beneficial.

I planning to:

  1. get a standard Virginia purchase contact from Staples.
  2. follow the contract used to buy my primary residence as a guideline.
  3. add the following contingencies to the contract: based on acquiring a mortgage, acquring a HEL, acceptance of a home inspection, acceptance of a home owners association documents including financials, security deposit,
  4. thinking about visiting a real estate attorney to review.

Some questions I have are:

  1. how do I control the rate range for the mortgage? I don’t want to see the rate jump from 5.75 to 6.75 in a day and have no option to backout or change the offer? I know but…
  2. can anyone recommend or provide me with a purchase contract that will be beneficial?
  3. should I visit a real estate attorney to review?
  4. how do I phase that they have 24 hours to accept the offer before it becomes no offer?

I guess most of my questions is based on contingencies but I like to know everything else I’m missing?


Personal residence or investment property?


Why not find a buyer agent to help you with this? They get paid from the selling agent’s commission.

There is no agents involved with this. The owner is not going to incur the buyer agent cost and I rather not either. That’s why I mentioned a real estate lawyer. Thanks…