Need an exit strategy

ARV = $380K
Repairs = $5-10K minor stuff
Owes $315K (1 mtg) less than 1 month behind
Seller needs $5K out of this deal
Underlying payment of $1950/mo piti
Seller willing to sell sub-2 for $326K.

Since the house needs a little TLC do I market this to owner occupants as a handyman special using owner financing? How much can I expect to get from a buyer if they know the house needs a little work? Or should I do the work myself and try for full retail price?

Also this property is in the state of MD (high transfer tax). Should I buy and sell using agreement for deed/land contract so the deed transfers only once?

'Preciate all feedback.

There’s really not a lot of room on this deal. I might see if you can get the lender to do a short sale before moving forward.

you could get an option on the house and see if you can find an end buyer for it. The price range is too high to buy and sell sub2, unless you live in an expensive city/state.