Need advice!

Is it possible for me (non-realtor/broker) to get access to MLS listings? How?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you could gain access to a partial MLS listing, however, you’ll need to go through a third party company and pay around $200-$500, with time limits, for the information. Google “MLS Listing”. Realtors have access to MLS listings for various counties depending on what firm they work with, and they also pay hefty quarlterly fees for the access.

Sure you can view the MLS. Network and become friends with a realtor (s) that understand investing.

You should already have a realtor because it is a requirement for your team.

Find your local real estate investment association and speak with realtors there.


Some Realtor Assosciations will let non-realtors become members of the Association and give MLS access. If your local association won’t allow it then as Brandon said network with a realtor and ask them for their sign on.

That’s how I got it. ;D