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Hello everyone. I am looking for some financing. I own a two unit building and a four unit building. Looking to refinance my 4 unit OO property to get some cash out and possibly lower my interest rate if it can be done. It is currently a 2/28 arm at 8.50% up in March of 2007. I bought the property in 3/2005. Have remodeled most of it and am looking for the additional cash to finish the work and buy another property. I have to go stated income-also have chapter 7 BK that were discharged in 8/1997 and 8/2003. A foreclosure also was during 2003. My middle score is a 655. Can anyone help me in this situation? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What is your current loan amount on said properties and the current Market value? That information is required before anything else can really be said.

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Hi there. My 2 unit is at 100% LTV (140,000)-I refinanced it from a land contract and have two mortgages. The 4 unit I owe 112,000 and the value should come in at 150-160,000. Thanks for any help you can offer.

How much cash are you looking to pull out?

Hello there. Between 20,000 and or 100% LTV

You will have to refi the entire loans due to small loan amounts. Have you tried getting a HELOC? Although with two bankruptcies and a foreclosure you have to stay non-prime for another year or so.

Hi. I have tried a handfull of lenders for a HELOC but no luck. Yo uhave any suggestions? I will refi or a HELOC whatever will work. Thanks,


I just sent you an email.


What state are you located in?