need advice/suggestions


I live in Colorado live in a nice area, I own a home I owe $220k comps in the 240’s I am one payment behind, employer just closed up shop and I have no reserves. truth is I want out of here anyway, but I have no money to do so. Homes here seem to be sitting forever, I can’t just sell for 220 because I need money to move on. I came here because this is an investors forum, and I know investors can be very creative.

Thanx in advance

BTW if it matters I’m looking for 7-10k for moving expenses

I am not a pro, but if you can get 220 for it, take it. Better than having no house, and bad credit. Better still figure out a way to pay your mortgage, and just resolve yourself to wait it out for 5 years. If money is tight, that’s probably your best option.


even if he sells it for 220, he’ll have 13k in closing cost. You have to find a way to make the payments, sell your car, do anything you can. Worst case put it up for short sale. Good luck to you.

Perhaps you could let another investor take over “sub2”…