Need advice or opinions on hml for new investor

Hello to all

I am just getting started in investing, and need some advice
and or opinions on hml’s. Ok, I’ve done my homework as far
as reading researching and so on and have started to look
at properties. Here is a property that I think may be worth making an offer on. But being as I am just getting started I need to know
if hml’s would even consider loaning on this

  1. bank owned forclosure
    4 br 2 1/2 bath 1800 sq ft
    listed for 165,900
    6 comps all within the last 60 days and within 1/2 mile
    average sale of comps $243,960(lowest was 200,000 and the
    highest was 277,000)
    property needs appx $15-25k in rehab( I know hml’s will
    want more precise numbers)

my partner and I have 10-20k of our own to put in
want a more precise number)

my partner and I have 10-20k of our own to put in

No HML in their right mind would go anywhere near this deal…Up yours and your partners end to around 80k-100k and you will get the deal done…10k-20k wont even cover the prepays,points and closing costs,legal fees for the loan you are trying to obtain…Hard Money usually requires %40 of your own money into a deal…You want to attempt to put %10 in…Never going to happen…Hard Money lenders generally do not lend on ARV…

correct. this deal is not quite sweet enough.

Try this:

If that doesnt work, I might know of some others.

Good Luck